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All our buildings are class leaders. Designed to be dyna-bolted to a level concrete slab or concrete footings, dependability and robustness have always been our focus. We can however, adjust our columns for in-ground construction ensuring every customer request is met. Rainbow’s garages and sheds are bolted together with a heavy-duty laser cut folded bracket greatly simplifying construction. All screws and bolts, including dynabolts, are supplied. All exposed screws and rivets are supplied colour matched to the sheeting and flashings.


As an independent Tasmanian owned and operated business, Rainbow Garages has developed a strict and thorough quality control and detailed checking system over the past decade – to help reduce and even eliminate the chance of damaged or missing parts in each and every shed we deliver. We are so confident that everything will be delivered to site as expected, that if you do discover a discrepancy, just call us and we will make it our top priority to immediately rectify the situation. Rainbow Garages will be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of parts and delivery for an appropriate resolution. Together with our 15 year BlueScope Steel Warranty, we believe in solid measures to guarantee you get exactly what you expect in a Rainbow shed, and enjoy it for years to come. Conditions apply.


We are not restricted to set sizes and dimensions. We pride ourselves on being able to tailor a building solution to your precise requirements.. In fact, we can manufacture any size you can imagine to the nearest millimetre up to a 20.0m wide and as long as your parcel of land will allow. If you have any special requirements please call us. We’ll happily show you how we make any request possible.

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