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Garages, Sheds & Barns in Hobart and Launceston Tasmania

We’re not simply experts at building garages; we’re experts at building garages to suit your needs. From versatile barns to spacious sheds, our entire range can be customised to suit your personal specifications.

Our range of products spans single, double and multi-bay garages, popular contemporary barn-style sheds, light industrial buildings and farm sheds. We can fully manage your project from planning right through to preparing the concrete slab and installation. Or if you prefer to install your shed yourself, we will provide the necessary instructions and after-sale support.


Why choose us for sheds, garages and barns?

So what makes our buildings so dependable? Why are we the most trusted supplier of sheds and garages in Hobart, Launceston and wider Tasmania? Just look at the frame connections; all connections are fully bolted for greater strength and durability. And all of our sheds are made from Australian Bluescope® steel with a 15-year warranty, for your peace of mind.

Check out our next steps to the right and request our garages & sheds brochure and price list to find the right garage, shed or barn for you. The numbers in the brochure match up with the numbers on the left hand column of the price list. Also, feel free to browse our Garages, Shed & Barns Galleries.

If you are looking to build a carport, pergola or patio then head to the following page for more information: Carports, Pergolas & Patios


Contact Tasmania’s experts for custom designs

Whether you live in Hobart, Launceston or anywhere else in Tassie, Rainbow Building Solutions can modify any of these designs to suit your needs. Our designs are available with up to 20m wide gable spans or 10.5m wide skillion spans ; and increments of 1mm. So if you need something that is not here or want to modify any design, please send us an enquiry or give us a call on 1300 737 910.

Fine Print

Dependable Construction

All our buildings are class leaders. Designed to be dyna-bolted to a level concrete slab or concrete footings, dependability and robustness have always been our focus.Rainbow Garages and Sheds are bolted together with a heavy-duty laser cut folded bracket greatly simplifying construction. We use a minimum C150 C-section purlin as the main portal frames with top hat purlin for the wall and roof girts. All screws and bolts, including dynabolts, are supplied. All exposed screws and rivets are supplied colour matched to the sheeting and flashings.
We use as a minimum 0.42 BMT (0.47 TCT) roofing material (normally corrugated unless otherwise stated). This ensures that the roof is trafficable: a person can walk on the roof without fear of damage and/or falling through. We use a minimum 0.42 BMT (0.47 TCT) low rib wall cladding on the walls for all sheds and garages up to 3.0m. Any wall 3.01m and over we will use high rib wall cladding 0.42 BMT (0.47 TCT). However, if requested we can use 0.42 BMT (0.47 TCT) high rib wall cladding on walls with heights below 3.0m.


What’s all this shed talk?

BMT stands for: Base Metal Thickness. This is the thickness of the metal before any coating process has begun (ie colour, rust inhibitors etc) TCT stands for: Total Coating Thickness. This is the thickness of the metal after the coating process has been completed. This thickness can vary depending on many external factors.


Council Regulations & Forms

Council Approvals: Rainbow can handle the entire council approval process for you (POA) and act as your agent which includes planning approval, private building surveyor fees, building notification fees with your local council, TasWater exemption, site plan (including Form 35) and admin fee. However, if certain aspects of the council approvals are not required then this simply reduces the time and price. Usually, the full council approval process can take anywhere from 5 – 8 weeks depending on whether your planning approval requires the full advertised application. Rainbow offers the council approval process service only for projects where we are listed as the accredited builder for the entire project including concrete works and installation.


Wind Speeds & Region Classifications

All our products are classed “Region A” which covers all of Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia with a wind velocity: Vp = 41m/s : Vu = 50m/s. Terrain category 2&3 as according to the Building Code of Australia.


Inclusive Pricing

Our prices include all gutters, flashings and downpipes (to ground) unless stated otherwise. The price is always for a full Colorbond® finish (roof, walls and trims) unless otherwise stated. Shed kit prices on the ‘standard price list’ include roller doors, engineers plans & specs (Form 35) but no other accessories or extras.


Fantastic Warranties

Bluescope Steel

Blue Scope Steel offers a range of warranties (typically 15 years) for materials used in garages and sheds. The latest information on warranties can be found at www.bluescopesteel.com.au


Comprehensive Sizes

Whilst this brochure will give you an idea of what we can build we are not restricted to these sizes and dimensions. We pride ourselves on being able to tailor a building solution to your precise requirements. In fact, we can manufacture any size you can imagine to the nearest millimetre up to a 20.0m wide for gable sheds or 10.5 for skillions.

If you have any special requirements please call us. We’ll happily show you how we make any request possible.


Council Approvals

Submitting Plans to Council for a Garage, Shed, Carport or Barn


CHECKLIST – what you need for a building greater than 36 sq/m:

  • Planning Application filled out and signed
  • Form 35 (Certificate of the Responsible Designer)
  • Engineers plans including slab design
  • Site plan including Form 35
  • Certificate of Likely Compliance
  • A Bushfire Attack Level Assessment (BAL) if required by your local Council and/or building surveyor
  • Copy of Land Title

For buildings 36 sq/m or less, you generally only require a planning application, and not the services of a building surveyor or CLC.

By paying Rainbow a deposit for your garage, shed, carport or barn you receive the following;

  • Form 35 (Certificate of the Responsible Designer)
  • Elevation Drawings
  • Engineers plans including slab design and specification sheet

A site plan which needs to be drawn to scale is also required. This is required to be completed by an accredited building designer. Rainbow Building Solutions does have an accredited building designer on staff and can provide this service for a fee starting from $790.00 (incl. GST)  subject to location of property, site conditions and size of block. This fee also includes a Form 35 to cover that site plan.

Some Councils and/or building surveyors will also require a Bushfire Attack Level Assessment (BAL). Rainbow’s standard set of plans and engineering specifications does not include a BAL Assessment however Rainbow can arrange a BAL Assessment to be completed. Additional charges may apply.

Take all of the above documents to a Building Surveyor to receive a Certificate of Likely Compliance. Once all documents (see above) have been obtained by you, these are then to be submitted to your local council (including the applicable fee) along with the council’s relevant application forms.

Most council’s are now privately certified. This means that the Council no longer checks your plans or inspects the slab and/or footings. This is now done by a private building surveyor. The only inspection that the Council performs is a plumbing inspection for the connection of the storm water. This means that you will need to see a building surveyor to receive a Certificate of Likely Compliance before submitting your plans to Council and before the Council will accept your plans for a Building Application.


Council Privately Certified

To find out whether your Council is privately certified, check out the Local Government Association of Tasmania (LGAT) website by clicking here. You will also find information relating to council boundaries. Or simply phone your local Council directly for more information. Please note that this information is accurate as at August 2012 and is subject to change without notice.

If you require a private building surveyor, Rainbow Building Solutions recommends (on the basis of price and quality of service) the following Private Building Surveyors:

Freestone Building Surveying L1, 11A Murray Street, Hobart TAS 7000 Ph 61242 220 admin@fbstas.com.au

The price for a Certificate of Likely Compliance start from approx $1,190 and increase depending on location and size of structure.


Rainbow Preferred Contractors List

Rainbow have a dedicated team of installers and other contractors to help you install your shed for a fee, including laying the concrete slab.


Southern Tasmania


Peter Izbicki 0437 469 861
Michael Semelbauer 0400 042 457
Shane Chinnock 0448 805 043
Sulman Construction 0434 149 535



Michael Semelbauer 0400 042 457
B & A Concreting (Ben Waller) 0407 510 236


Northern Tasmania


O'N'E Building (North & North West) 0428 375 336 (Viv)
0499 944 838 (Daniel)
TJ & NJ Bingley Pty Ltd - Tim & Jo (Bridport) 0419 846 391 or 0419 158 317



O'N'E Building (North & North West) 0428 375 336 (Viv)
0499 944 838 (Daniel)
TJ & NJ Bingley Pty Ltd - Tim & Jo (Bridport Area) 0419 846 391 or 0419 158 317
Steve Cashion (Launceston area) 0419 830 675

How to Order

Step 1  – select size

What size do you need? Browse through the brochure to get some ideas on what you may like.

  • Will it be used for storage or for vehicles? Or a workshop?
  • How much room is there for installation?
  • Gable or skillion?


Step 2 – select extras

Need additional entry points?

  • You can add a personal entry door (PA Door), window or skylights. Or make your life that much easier with a remote opener.
  • Need the shed insulated?
  • What about ventilation?


Step 3 – sign quote & pay deposit

Decide whether to order the shed straight away before council approval or after the council have approved the shed.

  • By ordering the shed straight away the order is locked in regardless of whether the council approve the building or not.
  • Alternatively, obtain council approval first then order the shed after that. Either way, we have options to accommodate your needs!

*Rainbow can assist you submitting plans to your local council and building surveyor.


Step 4 – pay balance

Now comes the fun part! Once the shed has been fabricated someone from the Rainbow team will contact you to arrange paying the remaining balance. Once the balance has been paid a delivery date will be organised to suit you. We won’t just dump your brand new shed on your block!


Step 5 – arrange installation

Need someone to erect the shed for you? Or want to tackle installing the shed yourself? We can help!

  • Rainbow have a dedicated team of installers and other contractors to help you install your shed for a fee, including laying the concrete
    slab using rainbow as your licensed builder.
  • Or you can install the shed yourself by using the instruction manual and construction notes.
  • And remember, each and every shed we sell is covered by the Rainbow Guarantee, for assurance that you will get everything you expect in a Rainbow shed


Step 6 – relax & enjoy your very own Rainbow


The Rainbow Guarantee

Rainbow guarantees to deliver your shed, garage, barn or carport in full, every time.*

Rainbow Guarantee

As an independent Tasmanian owned and operated business, Rainbow has developed a strict and thorough quality control and detailed checking system over the past decade - to help reduce and even eliminate the chance of damaged or missing parts in each and every shed we deliver. We are so confident that everything will be delivered to site as expected, that if you do discover a discrepancy, just call us and we will make it our top priority to immediately rectify the situation. Rainbow will be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of parts and delivery for an appropriate resolution. Together with our 15 year BlueScope Steel Warranty, we believe in solid measures to guarantee you get exactly what you expect in a Rainbow shed, and enjoy it for years to come.

Conditions apply  *terms and conditions apply, full list here


Something smaller? Check out the Gardenstar range

Gardenstar sheds provide a smaller shed solution for your backyard. Also, manufactured in Tasmania, Gardenstar sheds and aviaries are designed for strength and easy installation. The versatile modular pre-assembled panel construction allows you to select a unit which suits you perfectly. In fact, there 6 good reasons to choose Gardenstar:


Strong modular construction:

Strong modular construction utilises deep-ribbed high-tensile Zinc and Colour roll-formed sheet, with heavy gauge channel sections. Manufactured to engineered specifications, testing confirms that when correctly assembled and anchored, the units will easily withstand strong wind loads.


Easy to install:

Pre-assembled panels make the units quick and easy to install. We do as much work as possible in the factory to make your job simpler. The galtube reinforced doors are fully fitted, as are skylights, wire sections on aviaries etc. Every Gardenstar product comes with detailed assembly instructions


Customisable design system:

Versatile design system allows you to specify the position of doors and options such as windows and skylights, as well as selecting either Zinc or any of 20 standard colours.


Wide range of options:

Wide range of options including 5-blade louvre windows, skylights, double doors, extra height walls, T-handle security sets, as well as a range of anchoring systems to suit various base types, readily available.


Rapid supply times:

Quick response to customer requests: typically even special units can be manufactured for delivery within 14 days.


10 Year Guarantee:

Every Gardenstar product is guaranteed against faults in material or workmanship for 10 years. Our 10 Year Guarantee Terms (PDF)





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