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Matt Smith

Matt Smith
I am the managing director for Rainbow Building Solutions and have been for the past 15 or so years. Whilst not slaving away at my day job, I love spending time with my family pursuing their love of sports and travel.
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7 Questions To Ask Before You Build Your Garage In Tasmania

Building a garage or storage building can be a great addition to any property in Tasmania. Often benefitting homeowners and potential buyers with extra space to park cars or to keep belongings safe, they can also provide functional space that offers an escape or a place to work. Garages are ideal...


Carport or Garage? How To Choose Which Is Right For You

So, you’ve decided you need to start taking better care of your vehicle, and you want to build it some protection. Well, you have two main choices, you can either go for a carport or a garage. Many might assume that a carport and a garage are the same thing as they fulfil a similar sort of need....

Do I Need Council Approval for my New Shed?

Do I Need Council Approval for my New Shed?

This is a question we are asked each and every day. The most recent changes to the Building Act 2016 have now, in some circumstances, made the approval process more streamlined, but in others not assisted at all.

Steel Price Rise - How You Can Avoid It?

Like nearly all things these days, prices are continually increasing. Unfortunately the same occurs within the component pricing of our garages and sheds.


The Benefits of Getting a Custom Pergola in Tasmania

A pergola can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your yard while providing you and your family extra options for lounging, dining, or entertaining friends. While pre-fabricated designs are great, sometimes a custom design can be even better, as we see below.


Inspiration For Setting Up a Stylish Patio

Planning on vamping up your outdoor space with a patio? Considering renovating with this stylish feature means knowing the ins and outs of what’s involved in making it look the best it can for your décor and overall property.

Here’s a few handy things that can help you spruce up your patio.